Back to cold cold Europe. Angry

It is the second day that I am back to cold cold Europe (Denmark) and I cannot find a place for myself... Everything seems to be so different and so... rich! In the airport of Johannesburg I caught myself being so angry with the world around! Because of all these rich people rushing to their first class seats in the airplane, with the fancy mobile phones, leather suitcases and clothes from famous designer. I see these people walking through the airport with the numbers shining above their heads - the amount of money that they wear, carry or use at that exact moment... 5000 Eur, 1000 Us dollars, 10000 rands, etc... And I think how many schools I could build in Mozambique?..


Old_Old_Man said…
Nors pats to dar nepatyriau, bet PUIKIAI suprantu Tave, miela Eugenija. Taip, "senoji" turtingoji Europa pritinusi pinigų. Jokių ekonominių krizių čia niekas dar nejaučia. Tik apie save begalvojantiems turčiams nė motais, kad du trečdaliai planetos gyventojų eina gulti alkani.
david said…
hi Eugenija,

Now you are back here in the fridge. I will be happy to see you and ear from your experience. I hope you are fine. I am Denmark still. You are welcome to contact me. My phone: 40 96 31 88.

I wish you a good day


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