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I have not written anything for a while, for as a matter of fact, I don't really know what to tell you or rather how? How to talk about my time in 'Africa', so that my stories do not feed into the existing stereotypical imagery of this continent? 

I am not one of those white girls on a mission to save Africa, or to explore local culture, or to spend time on a safari. In fact, my life barely differs from life in London, Copenhagen or Vilnius. I spend hours staying at my table (trying) to write my master thesis, I eat porridge with fruits and toast with cheese for breakfast, and on Saturday nights we order pizzas, I have a hot running shower and regularly check my emails (that is, if there was no heavy rain). And we even watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix while doing usual house chores. There is nothing exotic about these past few months in Mozambique, as some friends would expect when writing to ask "so, how is AFRICA?". In response I have to take a deep breath and sto…

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